VePack 250-S

For the packing of Broccoli and comparable products in (none) PVC stretch film, The VePack S-series has been developed.

Broccoli packed in the VePack S-series offer the same advantages (high shelf life and low film costs) as hand packing, but the labor costs compared to hand packing can be reduced by 80% on average. Compared to shrink, the shelf life of Broccoli and its visibility is substantially better, and you can save up to 60% on film costs.

The 200-S is optimal for single Broccoli packing and smaller Cabbages. The bigger VePack 250-S can also pack bigger products, such as large Cabbages and Cauliflower. With the VePack 250-S XL even Chinese Cabbage up to 28 cm long can be packed.

For the VePack-S series complete logistic solutions have been developed. In combination with our preferred suppliers we can offer you complete systems, with box tippers (in all variations, with or without buffer systems), crate handling systems, transportation and waste deposit belts, and turning tables. On request all components can be produced in stainless steel.