The VePack 200-PHH is equipped with a compact, automated, horizontal in-feed system (rotating table). This in-feed works as a “buffer”, giving the operator the possibility to reach maximum capacity. There is also more flexibility in the number of people working on the packing machine. From one person feeding one machine, to two people feeding four machines (in case of pre-cleaned produce).

The VePack 200-PHH is perfectly suited for the packing of Iceberg Lettuce. On request, the VePack PHH-modules can be modified for other vegetables. More than one VePack 200-PHH module can be integrated into one high capacity packing system.

We offer turn-key solutions including logistics, label dispensers and/or printers, which can be supplied as an option.

Your advantages:

  • Compact version with automated in-feed.
  • Buffer function, giving you a higher effective output.
  • Flexibility in the number of people working on the line.
  • Suitable for stand-alone and system integrated operation.