The VePack 200-PHV has a vertical in-feed system. The standard version (VePack 200-PHV 16-5) has 16 cups (of which 5 on the bottom part of the in-feed). This system is around 190 cm wide, and perfect for max. 2 operators.

A wider version with more cups can be supplied, so more persons can work on one unit. For the packhouse we have supplied versions with an in-feed section up to 3,5 meters (VePack PHV 26), suitable for up to 4 persons.

The VePack 200-PHV can be supplied stand alone, or as a multiple system solution with integrated logistics.

All systems can be supplied with labeling, stamping and/or printing. In combination with the vertical in-feed system, integrated grading (on weight and/or size) and film length optimization options can also be offered, ensuring that underweight products are not packed, thus saving on recall, labor and film costs.

Your advantages

  • Maximum flexibility in the number of operators per machine.
  • Optimal solution for pre-cleaning at the line.
  • Optional integration of grading by weight (and/or size).
  • Complete packing & handling solutions can be offered.