JASA 2-in-1 Pack

”Convenience products packed fast, cleanly and in a user-friendly way in a distinctive patented packaging”

The JASA 2-in-1 Pack can pack two products separately in one package in one production run.

The market has a growing demand for convenience products. This trend offers foodproducers, -processors, and -packers a chance to come up with new productconcepts. In connection to this market needs the packaging specialists of JASA Packaging Systems developed an innovative foilpackaging: the 2-in-1 Pack™.

With this patented and fully automised packaging solution different products are packed clean and separate in one productionrun in two separate compartments. The main compartment contains for instance mixed lettuce, potato parts or chips. The second compartment offers space for sachets with dressing or herbs or a disposabe spoon, knife or fork. An innovative packaging concept that offers packers innumerable opportunities to come up with costefficient solutions for ready-to-eat-products.

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