4-Tray Eco-Connect+ Wash Convection Oven

MONO’s Perfect Solution to the Combination vs Combi Dilemma…
MONO Equipment’s 4 Tray Eco Connect+ Wash Self-Clean Bakery Oven System incorporates a high-end, totally integrated Self-Wash system which provides the perfect alternative solution to a combi oven, whilst offering a highly effective solution for baking, roasting and cooking a variety of foods without cross contamination of odours or flavours – at a fraction of the price.

MONO Equipment’s NEWLY updated, Eco Connect+ Wash Convection Ovens feature a NEW 7″ TFT high definition, resistive-touch (RTP) colour touch-screen controller which includes variable fan speed, accurate temperature control and the ability to connect to MONO’s cloud based asset management system – MONO-Connect – to remotely monitor and update the oven.

NEW 7″ High-Definition Touch Screen Controller
Our New state-of-the-art 7″ colour touch-screen anti-glare controller offers a much larger HD-quality screen for improved operator use

NEW Connection to MONO-Connect – our Cloud-Based Asset Management System
Each Eco-Connect+ Wash convection oven is ready-enabled to be connected to MONO’s cloud-based asset management system, MONO-Connect, enabling clients to monitor the usage of the ovens in their estates, includes strategic information such as programs used, uptime/downtime and more importantly energy usage.

The MONO-Connect system will also provide the facility to ‘push’ data like new recipes to the ovens remotely removing the need for engineers having to visit each store to manually update the software on each oven.  This naturally also helps reduce a company’s carbon footprint.

The MONO-Connect asset management system is a paid-for-service.  Enquire for details.

Meat to Sweet in Just 35 Minutes
The Eco Connect+ Wash Oven has been specially designed to provide a complete baking and self-cleaning solution which quickly and easily removes all odours and food from the oven chamber enabling retailers to switch between different food groups such as bacon and croissants in just 35 minutes.

Now even the smallest food-2-go outlet or pop-up cafe can confidently and safely offer a diverse range of freshly baked and cooked products with minimum investment.

Unsurpassed Cleaning Power
The BX Eco Connect+ Wash convection oven features an innovative, highly advanced self-wash facility which offers five specialist cleaning programmes – the hot flush which cleans, de-greases and de-odourises the oven in just 35 minutes*, gentle wash, standard wash and power wash along with a custom wash facility which can be used to design your own unique wash programme to suit your specific needs.

NEW Variable Fan Speed
The BX Eco Connect+ Wash oven also features a new Inverter Drive providing the user with complete control of the oven’s fan speed for each stage of the bake cycle which means even the most delicate products can be baked perfectly. Naturally just a small reduction in fan speed can provide significant savings on energy consumption e.g. a fan running at 80% speed actually consumes only half the energy of one running at full speed.

MONO’s Power Max Plus Cartridges
MONO’s new Power Max Plus Cartridge is the very latest generation of oven cleaning detergents which has been specially selected to work with MONO’s BX Eco-Wash convection ovens. Each cartridge contains two wax seals, positioned at different points within the bottle which are used to prevent any contact with the contents and to also separate the detergent from the rinse agent.

The first wax seal melts when the oven reaches the correct temperature and releases the powerful detergent into the oven for use by the wash cycles; this is later followed by the melting of the second wax seal which then releases the rinse agent at the rinse cycle stage of the wash programme. The power of the detergent ensures even the most baked-on grime and grease is penetrated and effectively removed.

The ingenious double wax plug design of the Power Max Plus cartridge also ensures the operator is always safe and completely protected from the
strong chemicals it contains; the highly efficient formula is only released into the oven once the door is securely locked and the oven has reached its correct temperatures.