40cm x 80cm 10-Tray Eco Convection Oven

Although our Classic convection ovens are much-loved by bakers and food-to-go outlets around the world, the technology used in their controllers is now well over 10 years old and the actual design of the ovens has remained unchanged for quite some time.

MONO is, therefore, delighted, and excited, to reveal its next generation of convection ovens, the Eco, which has been given a new, contemporary style make-over featuring:

  • New 7″ high-definition, full colour touch-screen (which can be customised with your own branded wallpaper)
  • New full length, screen printed, double-skinned glass doors
  • New energy-saving, in-door, LED light strips
  • New ergonomic, two-stage, black handles
  • New Eco family logos
  • Customisable wallpapers

These stunning, newly-designed ovens replace our existing Classic models. Needless to say, the oven’s superb bake qualities remain unaltered.

NEW 7” High-Definition TFT Colour-Touch Screen Controller
The NEW state-of-the-art large 7” high-definition, resistive-touch (RTP) colour touch-screen controllers offers a much larger, superb quality screen for improved operator use.

NEW Streamlined Appearance
Each oven features a new full-length, screen printed, double-skinned, toughened glass door which creates a streamlined appearance; the internal glass panel is produced in Pilkington K glass which provides enhanced insulation, while the NEW black two-stage door handle perfectly complements the new design.

NEW Energy-Saving LED In-Door Lights
The new ovens feature bright white, in-door, energy-saving LED lights which provide significant power savings compared to their halogen predecessors.  The old halogen oven bulbs were rated at 40W per oven whilst our NEW LEDs are rated at just 2.4W per oven, representing a huge energy saving of 94% per oven.

NEW Customisable Wallpapers
Now you can have your own corporate logo uploaded on to the oven’s control panel to provide a branded presence for your front-of-house ovens.

NEW 100 Programme Capacity
The new Eco ovens can hold a total of 100 different bake programmes, compared with 10 on the old Classic models, providing you with ample storage for all your different product lines.

NEW Improved Speaker System
The upgraded oven speaker provides 8W of quality sound for improved audible notifications.

All the Standard Energy Saving Features of the Classic remain including:

  • Auto Shutdown – prevents the oven being left on by mistake
  • Sleep Mode – returns the oven to an optimum temperature between bakes
  • Overlapped Insulation – solid slab sealed insulation for superb heat retention
  • Plus New Energy-Saving LEDs – in-door LEDs for efficient chamber lighting

Also Boasting a Range of New Features:

  • Customisable Wallpapers – to instantly brand your oven for front-of-house
  • Stores 100 programmes – instead of 10 on the older Classic models
  • Alpha-Numerical Recipe Names – instead of numbers on the old Classic models
  • USB Programmable – update recipes and software via USB