About Us

MSL TEKNOLOJİ LTD., has been established on 22nd February, 2015 by 25-years experienced specialist engineers to provide creative and practical technical solutions at food industry.

We are glad to be with you at all stages especially from improvement to starting of production at food line.

That’s why, while we’re starting to a new project first step that we’ve done, organizing a business trip for the customer either special to this specific customer or as a group to factory, laboratory, atelier of the manufacturer company. This is the main and important approach that we’ve applied almost all the times.

As our company approach, the best way to follow up technology closely is fair visits and abroad manufacturer companies.

After the customer had decided to product group, designing and project of production line, giving order, transportation, custom duty, installation, technical service and supplying of spare parts are our company’s routine job.

Our main equipment and system groups cover production lines of filled cookies, filled biscuits, confectionary, savory foods, ciabatta, panini, focaccia, baguette bread, millefeuille, croissant and pizza; retarders, proovers, blast-freezers; large mixers; and several types of ovens and furnaces.

Our company is also in cooperation with worldwide manufacturers of fruit and vegetable processing systems. Our company, MSL, being a leader at electronic grading machines gained a good reputation apples and citrus fruits market, in a short time. Our company is also specialist about grading and packaging systems for onions, potatoes and carrots.

As minding high technology, we are also excited to provide last technological solutions to our customers about requirements of high-pressure reactors, equipment and accessories up to 15.000 bars.

You may easily reach our mobile phones as 7/24 basis, don’t hesitate to contact us, if needed.